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Italian Cotton Shirting Fabric

Vercelli Shirting presents a timeless collection featuring unique designs and a creative blend of new season colors with innovative textile structures to create the perfect fabric. Fresh pastels and light colors with refined textures enhance the shirts' beauty. Our collection includes a wide range of core products, from business wear to casual essentials. Inspired by Italy's luxury collections, we offer classic shades of blue, pink, grey, and brown. Bold plaid casuals and formal combinations pair perfectly with chinos, denim, and trousers, setting different moods with our new offerings.

What Makes our Shirting Fabrics Different?

Cotton Stretch

The Innovations Collection, a cotton and lycra blend, offers ultimate comfort for all-day wear. Perfect for work, special occasions, or everyday stylish and functional outfits, it has something for everyone. Explore the collection today and experience the difference-you won't be disappointed

Wrinkle Free

The Innovation Collection fabric, with a 3.6 DP rating, uses unique technology to stay crease-free all day. Made with superfine 2/120 and 2/100 Supima cotton and vibrant colors, it's perfect for work, special occasions, or everyday stylish and functional wear.

Super White & Super Black

The Innovation Collection fabric uses unique technology to stay vibrant for up to 30 washes. Made with high-quality yarns and a special dye process for incredible color fastness, it's ideal for work, play, or special occasions. Durable and stylish, it ensures years of wear.

Supima Cotton

Supima, an extra-long staple cotton grown in the U.S., is renowned for its strength, fineness, and resistance to pilling. Vercelli selects premium Supima for its exceptional qualities, achieving yarn counts up to Ne 180/2. The Supima logo guarantees monitored provenance.